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Our Story

As a first-time mom, despite all the parenting suggestions from every direction, the one thing no one could prepare me for was the feeling of insecurity towards my body after pregnancy. Even during pregnancy, some insecurities were there but they were soothed by the fact that I was bringing life into the world. Having been a skinny person almost all 27 years of my life, it was a shock to stand on a scale and see numbers like 160 and 170lbs. Since my son’s been born, I have been breastfeeding and I thought that this would’ve helped my ‘snap back,’ or so I was told. Well, it didn’t and I realized that I needed some help. I couldn’t find myself in the gym every day. Even finding time for at home exercises seemed like a big task. I mean, face it, a baby on your boob and demanding all your attention, a house, a husband and other kids (step kids) to care for doesn’t create the best recipe for self-care. Cue the google searches as I knew there had to be something out there to help me. I had no idea what I needed or should use. I had heard about waist trainers but like most women, I felt like that was for women who were just seeking an hourglass figure. I was proven wrong though. After extensive reading and research, product testing and doctor consultations, I found the products that were right for me. I am still not looking for an hourglass figure, just a flatter tummy and help with the ongoing back pain from pregnancy days.

Out of my quest to find my own solutions, Get Shapewear was born.  While doing my research, I realized that no one took the time to provide solutions for moms to be, active moms and everyday moms all in one place but we are seeking to change this. Our aim at Get Shapewear is to help you, the every day woman and mom, feel and look sexy again and kick those after pregnancy/ after kids’ feelings of insecurities out the door. Our products require NO strenuous exercising or workouts to see results. You can wear around the house, under your clothing while doing that school drop off or pick up and even under that sexy little black dress for a night out on the town. They are discreet and fits snugly against your body, sculpting without effort other than your normal, daily movements. With consistent use, you can begin to see dramatic changes within 2-3 weeks and with proper diet or workouts, even more dramatic.

The products that we offer have all been hand selected by our team of moms, after careful research and testing, because your comfort and results matter to us.

Our products are not only helpful, they are extremely affordable. We all know having kids is costly, so despite having to be stingy with money, you can definitely afford our products. If you haven’t done anything else for yourself in the last week, month or year, indulge in Get Shapewear products. I promise you, there will be no regrets and in no time, you will be back to feeling and looking as sexy as ever. Take a minute and do something for yourself today. Make the change you’ve been putting off for a while now. Take care of you.