Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-05T21:36:39-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the cutoff date to make any changes, updates, or cancelation to my subscription?2019-11-05T21:33:09-05:00

In order to process all of the subscriptions we need any address changes, subscription preference updates, or size changes made BEFORE the date of renewal for that month’s subscription.

Changes made after the subscription renewal date will result in the change being applied for the following month’s subscription.
Get Shapewear Monthly Schedule

  • 01st – Shipping of packages for subscriptions done between 29th – 30th/31st.
  • 15th – Shipping of packages for subscriptions done between 01st – 14th of the month.
  • 30th/31st – Shipping of packages for subscriptions done between 15th – 29th of the month.
I received a damaged Shapewear piece in my subscription, what can I do?2019-11-05T21:31:43-05:00

We apologize for the inconvenience. You can send us a note at the Contact Us page and we will take care of it for you.

Does Get Shapewear Take Returns?2019-11-05T21:30:30-05:00

All Get Shapewear subscriptions are non-refundable and FINAL. Our aim at Get Shapewear is to ensure you have the necessary shapewear that targets the body parts you wish, although sometimes, you may find a piece of shapewear that you may not like. The main reason we are able to offer such a great price on Get Shapewear subscriptions is because the prices of our items are negotiated well in advance.
But we want to do everything that we can to ensure that you are happy with your experience so you can always email us using the Contact Us form and we will try to make your subscription a more enjoyable experience in the future.